How to Create a Real Book with AI in 24 Hours

JODY JELAS | December 19, 2023
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Hi, welcome to episode two. In this episode, I’m going to show you how I created this book using AI real printed book in 24 hours.

But before I do have you need high converting sales funnels built completely for you by a crack team of high converting funnel experts with over 1000 funnels built to date, then go to funnel, where you can download my PDF, six strategies my most successful clients use to increase profits from sales funnels, you can also get to a funnel expert by sending an SMS text chat with jump on a strategy call where we will do actual strategy specifically for you.

Real printed book in 24 hours, within five days, I had the full, actual live copy here in my hands.

And I’m going to take you through the steps. So you might wonder why is she telling us how to create a book with AI when they’re all about funnels.

The truth is all good marketing material. All good funnels come from relationship building. And part of that is credibility, and a book and the psychological process of purchasing.

It feels it’s a tangible asset and it gives credibility. So if you’re talking to somebody and you’re going to send them something out in a funnel, and you’re holding it in your hand like this, and you say I’m going to send this book out to you, all you’ve got to do is pay shipping, then people are going to listen. And when that arrives at their door, along with the email sequence and strategy that’s gone along with that funnel, they have already built that relationship and that connection with you.

And therefore when they’re holding the book in their hand, psychologically, it’s going to build an even bigger trust between you and your audience. Now, that’s my dad. In this case, it was his birthday. And I wanted to for his birthday create a book that he can use in his own marketing. So I want to walk you through the steps that I took to create this book from start to finish. We’re actually creating programs right now that we’ll be launching shortly on how to create courses and books with AI.

And we’re going to be building those funnels for you completely done for you as part of that.

So stay tuned. If you want to know more about that, just go and subscribe to this channel or download the freebie. And we will email that out to you when they’re ready.

Visit to download my PDF: “Six Strategies My Most Successful Clients Used to Increase Profits from Sales Funnels.”

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