7 Step Belief Shifting Exercise

We all know that we live our lives based on the programming we learn as children or during traumatic events. Back when I was holding LadyBalls retreats, I used to go through this exercise to help shift unhelpful beliefs.

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3 Sided Webinar Funnel On Steroids

The 3 Sided Webinar Funnel On Steroids that has been tried and tested for over a decade and constantly improved. In this latest episode of The Phunnel Podcast we dive deep into the 10 keys of a seriously high-converting webinar.

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The Real Cost of DIY

Ever wonder about the ACTUAL cost of doing it all yourself in your business? In our latest episode, we unveil the True Cost of DIY – a must-watch for every entrepreneur. DIY can be more expensive than you think – not just about the money.

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